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    Thomas Briggs established the Boston Wire Stitch Company in 1896 which created treadle worked wire sewing machines for affixing books, schedules and cap boxes and so forth. The first machines utilized pre-shaped staples. The advancement of staples collated with paper and glue, saw the beginning of collated staples, which extraordinarily expanded proficiency. The pioneer Bostitch® Desk Stapler Model AO was produced in 1914.

    As more modern stapling machines were produced, the organization changed its name from the Boston Wire Stitch Company to Bostitch®. With the procurement of the Calwire Company in 1961, which fabricated staplers and a T-nailer, Bostitch® moved into the wood affixing market. Bostitch® then presented inventive new items, for example, the main ever curl nailers that upset the bed making industry, and a material loop nailer for the development business. The company has never looked back since then.

    ToolOrbit offers a complete range of high quality Bostitch® products that are famous for their greater fastening ability. Place your order right here on our website, but if you have any questions or concerns, you can shoot us an email at or dial our toll free number 888 722 8299 where you will be welcomed with solutions.