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    Incredible item thoughts developed when two controls, carpentry and metalworking, impacted. In 1986, Craig Sommerfeld was building his home and expected to figure out how to join his doweled face casings to his kitchen cupboard members. In spite of the fact that he was a device and die creator in terms of professional career, and carpenter out of need, Craig had an issue. Not having any desire to nail the face outlines on and after that fill them with putty, he composed and manufactured "Craig's Jig", which was a solitary opening pocket gap jig made from steel and aluminum.

    Craig's Jig permitted him to append the face outlines from the cabinet inside, where the joint could not be seen. Empowered by companions and colleagues, Craig manufactured a couple of more jigs and set out to show them to the general population at nearby carpentry appears. At these shows Craig met a group of people who had no information of the joinery strategy he was advancing, yet they were exceptionally intrigued by finding out around another approach to assemble ventures with wood. And that’s when Kreg Tool Company was founded. The manufacturer has a long track record of producing some of the highest quality tools and equipment since then.

    ToolOrbit offers a wide range of Kreg products at lowest online prices for our customers who are looking for the best value. To get in touch with us, kindly email us at or dial 888 722 8299 toll free.