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  • Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Face Shield USA 120V

Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Face Shield USA 120V




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Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Face Shield USA 120V Description:

The Trend AIR/PRO airshield pro is designed to protect users from harmful dust particulates down to 0.3 micron size at a 98-Percent efficiency rate. A built in fan circulates the filtered air to prevent fogging and it provides some cooling. The nickel metal hydride battery allows for at least eight hours of operation on a full charge. The Trend airshield pro contains: airshield, one battery, airflow indicator, storage bag and clips for ear protection. Additional accessories are available.

Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Face Shield Features:

  • Fully protected powered respirator for use with all woodworking applications
  • Suitable for use when machining MDF
  • Approved to new standard BS EN 12941
  • Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection
  • Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noise and irritation
  • Attachment points for optional ear defenders
  • Strategic component distribution ensure optimum centre of gravity is achieved for balance and comfort
  • Twin filters with efficiency of 98%, more than double the Airshield MK1
  • Audible low battery warning
  • Removable 8 hour Ni-MH battery

Trend AIR/PRO Specifications:

  • Rating: DIY/Craftsman/Professional
  • Airflow min: 160 l/min
  • Airflow fully charged: 200 1/min
  • Size of headband: 52cm-62cm
  • Motor sound level: 70dB
  • Battery: 8hrs
  • Voltage: 230 volt
  • Eye protection: BS EN 166 (low energy impact)
  • Respiratory protection(NPF50): BS EN 12941 THP2

Trend AIR/PRO Includes:

  • 1 x Pair THP2 fine filters
  • 1 x 8 hour battery
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x Carry bag
  • 1 x Clear visor overlay
  • 1 x Airflow indicator

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