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  • W.L.Fuller 10393011C 5-Piece Taper Drill Set

W.L.Fuller 10393011C 5-Piece Taper Drill Set




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W.L.Fuller 10393011C 5-Piece Taper Drill Set Description:

W. L. Fuller 10393011C, 5-Piece Taper Drill Set. This set is designed to be used with wood screw sizes #6, #8, #10, #12, and #14. Includes quick change chuck, countersinks, counterbores, tapered drills, stop collar and plug cutter. Our top-line taper drill set with quick-change chuck allows you to quickly and efficiently pre-drill, countersink, counterbore and cut plugs.


  • Countersinks have 4-flute design for smooth, clean holes and are adjustable along the twist length of the drill with two hex socket screws.
  • Drill bits are manufactured to highest National Aerospace Standards with 100% industrial grade U.S. steel.
  • Drill bit sizes are: 9/64'', 11/64'', 13/64'', 7/32'' and 1/4''.
  • Countersinks and plug cutters are made from high carbon steel and heat-treated to resist wear.
  • Comes in solid mahogany case.

One Fuller 1/4'' Quick Change Taper Drill Set which includes:

  • 3/8'' shank quick-change chuck.
  • Five 1/4'' shank countersinks with tapered drill bits.
  • Two stop collars.
  • Two 1/4'' shank plug cutters (3/8'' and 1/2'').
  • Two hex socket wrenches.

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