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    Oliver Machinery was established by Joseph W. Oliver in 1890, initially outlined and made wood trimmers that lessened work time from 15 minutes to just a few moments, winning Oliver a gold award for a novel idea at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris. In 1908 Oliver presented the round cutter head, a much more secure alternative option to the standard square cutter head. The new operator safety highlight was apparent to the point that numerous states soon started requiring its installation as a mandatory feature.

    Over the range of the twentieth century, Oliver adjusted to the steadily changing American economy, fabricating bread-slicers amid the Depression, saws for cutting aluminum, metal, copper, steel and titanium amid World War 2, and bundling and printing apparatus amid the 1950's and 60's. By 1994, Oliver had delivered more than 150,000 machines, 75,000 of which were still in operation every day around the world. Today, O&M is a big name among woodworkers that is trusted upon and used by millions. At ToolOrbit, you will get the whole range of woodworking products you need.

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