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Hardin 38BWVPOLSET 45° 3/8 Inch Diamond Profile Wheel, WP800 4 Inch Var Speed Polisher and 8 pc 4 Inch Diamond Polishing Pad Set

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Product Overview

The Hardin 3/8 inch bevel shaping and polishing profile package is the ideal combination of tools used to produce a 3/8 bevel decorative edge on tile, granite and concrete counter tops and other natural stone and hard surfaces. This kit includes a Hardin 4 inch variable speed wet polisher, 3/8 bevel diamond profile wheel and a complete set of 4 inch premium diamond polishing pads. The polishing pad set includes 1 each 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit polishing pads and a 10,000 grit final buff pad. This set also includes the rubber backer pad needed to attach the diamond pads to the polisher. This kit includes a 3/8 inch bevel vacuum brazed diamond profile wheel. This vacuum brazed profile wheel is designed to produce a 3/8 inch bevel on natural or engineered stone and concrete. Very simple to use, the wheel screws directly on this tool. A nylon guide on the top of the bit rides on the surface of the stone and a lower bearing controls the depth of cut for consistent shaping. The profile wheel is only capable of removing material in the controlled beveled area, this makes user error or damaging the material virtually impossible. To use the system simply screw the bit on to the grinder, turn on the water then the grinder, set the top guide bearing onto the top edge of the material and apply some force parallel, into the edge of the working surface. Move the bit forward and back until the bit has ground the shape completely, it's that simple. Our profile wheels feature an internal water feed for optimum cooling of the bit, this allows for maximum linear grinding distance. After you shape the edge, attach the included hook and loop backing pad to the grinder and start the polishing process with the 100 grit pad (50 grit is included however it is very aggressive and should be used with caution). Continue polishing with each grit included with this kit ending with the 10,000 grit polishing pad and the factory shine can be achieved.

Product Features

Contents of this package include the following:

  • Hardin Variable Speed Wet Polisher
  • 4 Inch Premium Granite and Stone Polishing Pad Set
  • 1 Each 50. 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and 10,000 grit
  • 5/8 - 11 Threaded 4 Inch Rigid Hook and Loop Backer Pad
  • 3/8 Inch Bevel Vacuum Brazed Diamond Profile Wheel

Items included with the Hardin variable speed wet polisher:

  • Integrated GFCI (operator protector circuit breaker)
  • 360 Degree Adjustable Safety Guard With Integrated Rubber Splash Skirt
  • Bail handle (D handle)
  • Arbor Nut Assortment for Mounting Accessories
  • Wrench Assortment
  • Additional Carbon Brush Set
  • Water line and Garden Hose Adapter
  • 12' Industrial Power Cord
  • Double insulated
  • Water on/off Valve
  • Brass Arbor Water Diffuser

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