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Bosch CM10GD 10 Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

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Product Overview

The innovation responsible for both the unique appearance and the unparalleled level of performance is Bosch's patented Axial-Glide system. Beyond giving the CM10GD its distinctive profile, Bosch's Axial-Glide system eliminates three key challenges miter saw users have endured since the first slide systems debuted many years ago. While the traditional sliding compound miter saw approach enables users to make wider cross cuts, that method takes up more space and is prone to misalignment and stickiness over time. By replacing the sliding rail system with a hinged or articulating glide arm system similar to the linkage used in a four-bar suspension design, Bosch created a more compact miter saw that delivers durable precision while remaining true and smooth over time. The Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw features a powerful 15 Amp, 4,000 RPM motor with a large easy-to-read bevel and miter scale that allows for precise, quick and easy adjustments. The tall sliding 4 1/4 in. fences allow for increased cutting capacity when cutting tall base and crown molding. With an ergonomic soft-grip ambidextrous trigger handle and a clear lower guard for unobstructed visibility throughout cut, the CM10GD provides maximum comfort for all-day-use without sacrificing precision.

Product Features

Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw Features:

  • Axial-Glide System: durable precision - consistent precision over tool life; compact workspace - saves up-to 10 In. workspace; glide action - unmatched smoothness of cut
  • Expanded cutting capacity: 12 In. horizontal capacity (nominal); 5-1/2 in. vertical capacity against the fence (base); 6 in. crown capacity against the fence (45 Degree spring)
  • Upfront bevel controls - all-metal bevel lock lever and range selector located upfront for quick and easy bevel settings without reaching behind the saw
  • Chop/crown lock : locks head in place for maximum chop cutting capacity for upright base molding and nested crown molding
  • Tall sliding 4-1/4 in. fences: for easy bevel set ups and increased crown and base molding capacity
  • Large easy-to-read uniform bevel & stainless steel miter scales: 52 Degree left/60 Degree right miter capacity; 47 Degree left/47 Degree right bevel capacity with marked detents and roof pitch angles
  • Adjustable miter detents: detents at 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 31.6 Degree, 22.5 Degree, 45 Degree, 60 Degree right super-accurate and durable design
  • Push-button miter Detent override - easy-to-access thumb actuated control right up front for fine miter angle adjustment
  • Bevel detents: 0, 33.9 Degree, 45 Degree left/right for accurate cuts
  • Category best 90% dust collection - optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuum
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous trigger handle with soft grip - large form fitting ergonomic handle provides comfort for all-day use

Bosch CM10GD Specifications:

  • Amperage: 15
  • Bevel Angle Range: 47 Degree left and 47 Degree right
  • Bevel Stops: 0 Degree, 33.9 Degree, 45 Degree left and right
  • Blade Diameter: 10"
  • Cord Length: 6 ft
  • Height: 20.5"
  • Length: 32"
  • Miter Angle Range: 52 Degree Left, 60 Degree Right
  • Miter Detents: 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 22.5 Degree, 31.6 Degree, 45 Degree (Left/Right)
  • Miter Positive Stops: 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 22.5, Degree 31.6 Degree, 45 Degree (Left/Right)
  • No Load RPM: 4,800
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year
  • Weight: 64 lb

Bosch CM10GD Includes:

  • (1) 10" 60T Blade
  • (1) Material Clamp
  • (1) Dust Bag

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Model# CM10GD
UPC 000346452716
Brand Bosch