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Delta 46-461 Reversible MIDI-LATHE® NOVA Chuck

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The Delta 46-461 Reversible NOVA woodturning Chuck for the Midi Lathe ensures proper clamping of your turning material. The 46-461 has auto-stop jaw slides that prevent the chuck jaws from widening beyond the optimum clamping range for secure clamping of different objects. This Lathe Chuck has threaded jaws to increase surface contact with your turning material and further increase clamping security.
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Model# 46-461

Delta 46-461 Reversible MIDI-LATHE NOVA Chuck Features:

  • Auto-Stop Jaw Slides inhibit the widening of the chuck jaws beyond their optimum clamping range insuring the material is properly secured
  • Anti-Release Spindle Lock is an exclusive DELTA feature that ensures the chuck will stay securely mounted on the lathe during forward and reverse turning applications
  • Enhanced jaw gearing provides extra smooth jaw movement and increased clamping pressure for maximum material support
  • Threaded chuck jaws increase surface contact with the material offering more secure clamping

Delta 46-461 Specifications:

  • 1 in. x 8 TPI Mount
  • Standard 2 in. Jaws
  • Width:9.00 (in)
  • Height:4.70 (in)
  • Depth:2.60 (in)
  • Condition:New
Model# 46-461
Brand Delta