Laguna Tools 60-0316 Abrasive Conveyor Belt 16 (Standard for 16-32 Drum Sander, Optional for 13 Inch Combination Sander)

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After the depth of cut has been determined, selecting the proper feed rate is essential. For fi nish sanding the best fi nish is usually achieved with a slow to moderate feed rate. This allows for the most revolutions of the drum per inch of sanding. Faster feed rates can be used as long as the machine is not over-stressed. When fi nish sanding with grits fi ner than 80, the best fi nish can usually be obtained if INTELLISAND does not engage. If INTELLISAND does slow the conveyor when fi nish sanding, it is best to make another sanding pass without changing the thickness setting and sand again. Sizes for Machines 16 – Works with 16-32 Drum Sander & 13″ Combinations Sander 22 V1 – Works with ShopPro 25, 22-44 Pro & Performax 25×2 w/1″ rollers 22 V2 – Works with 19-38 Combination Sander, 22-44 Plus 24 – Works with 25″ Bed, 2″ Rollers

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Model# 60-0316
UPC 60-0316
Brand Laguna Tools