Powermatic 1791096 Premium Mortise Chisel & Bits, Set of 4

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Product Overview

Powermatic 1791096 is a Premium Mortise Chisel and Bits, Set of 4. These premium hollow chisel and bit sets are machined from solid bars of the finest carbon steel. They have one cutting edge, one spur and a brad point for superior performance, making consistently clean and truly square cuts.

Product Features

Powermatic 1791096 Chisel & Bits Features:
  • Ground and hardened carbon steel for efficient performance and long life
  • Extra long bit for compatibility with different mortisers
  • Makes consistently clean cuts with smooth side walls
Powermatic 1791096 Specifications:
  • Height: 1.25 Inch
  • Width: 5 Inch
  • Length: 10 Inch
  • Size:

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Model# 1791096
UPC 662756112699
Brand Powermatic