Specialty Diamond F30BIT Stone Router 1-1/4 Inch Ogee Bit For Shaping Grinding Granite Tools

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Product Overview

This is our Specialty Diamond  F30BIT which translates to a 1 1/4" inch ogee metal bond router bit. It's used in a stone router that has a standard M10 arbor. This bit is a coarse position 1 bit (about 20/30 grit) that is used to make the initial shape to your square cut granite or marble counters. Usually after shaping your counter you'll want to come back over the fresh cut edge and polish it with a variable speed wet polisher up to your satisfaction.

Product Features

Our Specialty Diamond metal bond diamond router bits, when used appropriately and with water, last hundreds of hundreds linear feet with over 1,000 not being unheard of.

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Model# F30BIT
UPC 645710110634

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Brand Specialty Diamond
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