Stabila 41032 32 Inch R Beam Level

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Model# 41032

This level is exactly what pro’s have asked for and need. The STABILA R-Type 300 level has been especially developed to withstand the toughest building site conditions. It has been designed to be extremely strong, lightweight, twist-resistant – through a five-chamber R profile – and easy-to-use. It has an extra-wide measuring surface that prevents the level tipping over during use. This makes the R 300 unlike any other level you have ever used before. Today, this level represents the best level product that STABILA makes. Invest in the R beam and you set the tone on the site.

Stabila 41032 Beam Level Features:

  • Strong, twist resistant frame that has the profile/shape of the letter R
  • Wide measuring surface for great stability or grip on the work – no tipping over during the cabinet installation process etc
  • Three precision uninterrupted marking, cutting and tracing edges over the full length of the frame
  • The frame fits in the hand like the handrail on your stairs. The whole length of the level is a continuous hand rail
  • Coated measuring surfaces protect delicate surfaces
  • Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial increases the strength of the frame and allows you to make uninterrupted pencil lines
  • Rubber end caps engage the wall when making lines so the level does not slide and leave marks
  • Shock-absorbing rubber end caps – perform like an Airbag in your car protecting the frame when the level falls or is dropped
  • The end caps can be removed so you can carry pencil lines tight into corners
  • The R profile shape is smooth like a car fender. It's easy to clean

Stabila 41032 Specifications:

  • Measurement accuracy in normal position: ±1/32in @ 72in
  • Measurement accuracy in reverse position: ±1/32in @ 72in
  • Number of measuring surfaces: 2
  • Profile: Torsion-resistant
  • End caps: Removable / Wall Grips / Shock Absorbing

Stabila 41032 Includes:

  • (1) Stabila 41032 32" R Beam Level
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Model# 41032
UPC 089634410324
Brand Stabila
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