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Baileigh BR-16E-36LT 110V 36 Inch Lower Throat Depth Bead Roller, 16 Gauge Mild steel Capacity

This bead roller’s open concept design gives you extra working area. Add beads to bent panels and large sheets for auto or airplane projects. Foot pedal controls leave your hands free.
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Model# 1016575

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Baileigh BR-16E-36LT 110V Lower Throat Depth Bead Roller Features:

  • Maximum capacity of 16 gauge mild steel.
  • 36” throat depth allows you to reach the center of 72” pieces.
  • Variable-speed pedal lets you press harder to go faster, or roll more slowly for detailed patterns.
  • You can also lock the rolls at a constant speed if you choose.
  • Integrated adjustable depth stop makes it simple to create and repeat perfectly straight beads.
  • Quick-release die maintains consistent forming depth, even if you open and close it.
  • You can begin or end a design in the middle of a panel without worrying if the depth is set correctly.
  • Adjust the forming depth with an easily accessible handwheel just above the working area.
  • Bottom die slides in or out. By changing the offset, you can create custom profiles from standard dies.
  • Includes ¼” round bead die set and .05" step roll set.
  • Many Baileigh bead roller dies are available. See our tooling for the BR-16E-36LT.
  • This electric bead roller accepts standard die sets. It’s compatible with most tooling for similar machines.
  • All friction points turn on long-lasting bronze bushings with grease fittings.
  • Rigid steel construction reduces flex and ensures accurate beads over many years of production.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.

Baileigh BR-16E-36LT 110V Lower Throat Depth Bead Roller Specifications:

  • Item Number: BR-16E-36LT
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Motor Hp: 1/2
  • Mild Steel Capacity: 16 ga.
  • Throat Depth: 36"
  • Capacity (Mild Steel): 16 ga.
  • Aluminum Capacity: 14 ga.
  • Power: 110V
  • Shipping Weight: 515lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 60x44x72


Model# 1016575
Brand Baileigh