Dear Customers, 

We are actively taking directions from health, local and other government authorities regarding COVID 19 as safety is our highest priority at Toolorbit.

Because of the lock down caused by the pandemic, many tool manufacturers supply chain deliveries especially (DeWalt) are taking a lot longer to process orders at this time, which is resulting in longer than normal delivery times to our warehouse. .

In regards to the valued business of our customers, we are trying our best to manage these deliveries and shipping out orders for in-stock items daily, but please note that delays are possible due to current and changing conditions.

We hope for everyone’s safety, health and a quick return towards normalcy.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.



RotoZip was established in 1972, when an expert drywall worker chose there must be a superior approach to cut drywall. He set out to construct an arrangement of devices and accomplices to spare time and cash, while enhancing results. From that point forward, RotoZip has proceeded with that same vision of enhancing the way experts cut troublesome materials on the jobsite. Today, RotoZip offers superior adornments, connections and devices to slice through a wide assortment of materials — from drywall, where it started, to fired divider tile, and even floor tile.

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation acquired RotoZip in 2003. Bosch has for quite some time been respected for all around made, exceedingly designed products for the expert. The new RotoZip line proceeds with the establishment set up in RotoZip's outset of doing the occupation simpler, quicker and with better results, while including unparalleled building and execution. ToolOrbit brings all the excellence of RotoZip to your doorstep with a complete range of company’s high quality products.

Find the premium variety of different types of power tools, woodworking machinery and equipment and handy accessories at ToolOrbit. You are free to place your order here or you can get in touch with us at our email address. If you are a fan of verbal communication, you can dial 888 722 8299 toll free where our customer rep would be happy to assist.